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AMC 8 Pro Series Ready to Run Distributor


AMC 8 290/304/343/360/390/401 Pro Series Ready to Run distributors are the best upgrade for any old ignition system. The CNC machined body construction, oversized hardened steel shaft, top sealed ball bearing and lower sintered bushing provide the strength and durability for years of operation. An integrated high performance circuit board provides smooth firing to 10,000 RPM and work best with a Top Street Performance Power Coil (JM6930). Features continue with vacuum advance, hardened steel gear, additional springs and bushing for fine tuning of mechanical advance. Uses 3 gen MSD Style  Modules and Pickup. come with other side of plug. Must use a Low OHM Coil. Save $10.00 on Coil Combo Option.

Red wire on distributor - red wire on coil

Orange wire on distributor - yellow wire on coil

Black wire on distributor - Engine Ground

Gray wire on distributor - Tach

Other Red wire on Coil to pure 12 volt only.