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Chevy Small Block Carbureted Aluminum Dual Plane Air Gap Intake Manifold

This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock


Top Street Performance is proud to offer a one-year warranty.

TSP's dual-plane high-performance intake manifold for the small block Chevy is ideal for street performance applications. With a design that improves throttle response, as well as power and torque over a wide rpm range - idle to 5,500. It is cast from lightweight aluminum and features a low profile for ideal hood clearance. Additional provisions include dual distributor hold-downs, 4 corner water ports, and a choke block-off kit. Set up for spread bore carbs, this manifold comes with an adapter plate and gasket for use with square bore types.


Engine Block Style OEM Standard Deck
Carburetor Quantity 1
Intake Style Dual Plane
Basic Operating Range Idle to 5,500 RPM
Manifold Height 4.05"
Manifold Materal Aluminum
Manifold Finish Polished
Included Head Bolt Adapters
Choke Block-off Kit
Square Bore Adapter Kit



  • 4.3 L / 262 in3
  • 4.3 L / 265 in3
  • 4.4 L / 267 in3
  • 4.6 L / 283 in3
  • 4.9 L / 302 in3
  • 5.0 L / 305 in3
  • 5.0 L / 307 in3
  • 5.4 L / 327 in3
  • 5.7 L / 350 in3
  • 6.6 L / 400 in3


  • Fits 1955-1986 Chevy small blocks and 1987-1995 with included adapters
  • Manifold is considered stock replacement with non-EGR 302, 327, and 350 engines with OEM carb in 1966-1972 (and 1973 non-CA) passenger cars and 1966-1983 trucks
  • Will not fit engines with reverse flow heads such as those found in 1992-1997 LT1 applications


This product is legal for off road use and non pollution controlled vehicles (1965 & older); however, it has not been tested or approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for highway vehicles in the state of California. By purchasing this product, buyer agrees it will not be used on pollution controlled vehicles in California, or in a state with similar emissions regulations.