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Taylor Cable® 8mm StreeThunder LSX 10" Ignition Wires with 135° Plug Boots


proud to offer Taylor Cable® ignition wires. With a history of more than 90 years, Taylor Cable® is a leader in high performance ignition products. These StreeThunder spark plug wires deliver top performance at an affordable price. They feature a low resistance conductor wrapped in durable, silicone double-layer jacketing for heat protection, strength, and durability.

All Taylor Cable® Products are Made in the USA!


Wire Diameter 8mm
Resistance 500 ohms (Ω)/ft
RFI Suppression Yes
EMI Suppression Yes
Conductor Style Kevlar Helically Spiral Wound Core
Wire Jacketing Double-layer Silicone
Spark Plug Boot Angle 135°
Wire End Coil Pack
Overall Length 10"
Wire Color Black
Quantity Full Set of 8


Chevrolet Small Block V8 Gen. III/IV (LS-Based)

  • 6.2 L / 376 in3
  • 7.0 L / 427 in3